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How to maintain lime kiln

"The new environmentally friendly lime kiln equipment in the lime kiln is the main production equipment for lime and quicklime. Compared with the traditional kiln, which emits a large amount of pollutants and harmful substances, the new boiler has the characteristics of green environmental protection and high efficiency and is widely loved by consumers. Let's take a look at it together:

1. Always observe the quality of raw materials and fuels to ensure their stability.

2. Frequently observe the changes of various parameters on the industrial computer display, which is convenient for timely adjustment.

3. Frequently observe the quality of the product in order to find problems in time and then solve them.

4. Regularly add lubricating grease with corresponding labels to all mechanical rotating parts.

5. Regularly check all mechanical power to ensure normal operation.

6. Regularly check the reinforcement of all fastening parts to prevent loosening.

  The correct maintenance method of environmental protection lime kiln equipment during maintenance can improve product quality, prolong the service life of the machine, make the machine run safely, and give users a safety guarantee.

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