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Lime kiln manufacturers analyze the current situation of domestic lime industry

Through the collation of the information provided by the lime kiln manufacturer, I will analyze the current situation of the lime industry in China, hoping to bring you some help. The information is organized from the Internet and is for reference only. If there is any infringement, please inform, and the author will delete it in time.

Lime is a common basic inorganic chemical, but its application involves plastics, rubber, cables, papermaking, coatings, adhesives, feed, medicine, daily chemicals and other fields, with wide application and low cost. During the "Ten-Five" period, the consumption of lime powder in my country increased by 12% annually, and the current annual consumption reached 16 million tons. At the same time as the scale growth, the product structure has been optimized and the industry concentration has increased.

The most commendable thing is that the development of the industry is very stable. Whether it is the global financial crisis, the 4 trillion yuan investment stimulus plan implemented by the Chinese government, or the state's tightening of monetary policy and the suppression of the real estate market since last year, it seems that the industry has little impact.

It is such an ordinary and stable industry. With the change of market demand, the industrial structure is also quietly changing. The demand for high-end and low-end products is shrinking, the consumption of mid-end products is growing rapidly, and the "football" characteristics of the lime powder industry are becoming more and more obvious. How to further increase the market share of high-quality lime and other high-end products to avoid the competitive pressure of mid-end products is a hot topic of common concern in the industry.

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