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Precautions for the operation of environmentally friendly lime kilns


Environmental protection and energy-saving lime kilns are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than traditional production kilns, and are more convenient to operate. Environmental protection and energy-saving lime kilns are also the future trend. With the changes in the environmental protection environment and the strict requirements of environmental protection policies, the future will be completely banned. Earth kilns, there are many places in the production process that need our construction personnel to pay more attention to. The following are some points to share with you, hoping to get attention.

1. Look at the pyrotechnic to achieve the production of strong wind and large materials, and deal with the wind eye and wind tunnel diligently.

2. See that the pyrotechnic is not allowed to burn lazy kilns in the production process, and abnormal phenomena such as Du collapse kilns, frame kilns, and heart pumping occur. The pyrotechnic should aim to stabilize the primer: to achieve the operation procedures of two major, three-fast, and four-balance, that is, strong wind and large material; fast burning, fast cooling, and fast unloading; the operation procedures of the four-balance are air material balance, base fire balance, kiln surface balance, feeding and unloading balance.

3. Light and dark fire operation is required. The primer is controlled at about 0.9 meters, neither too deep nor too shallow, nor can it be calcined on an open flame to ensure that the kiln temperature is normal. The heat loss of open flame calcination is too large, resulting in heat waste. There are many yellow balls fired out, and the free calcium oxide is high. The wet material layer is controlled by about 30 cm.

4. Pay attention to safety at all times when looking at firefighters. If abnormal phenomena such as large wind tunnels, collapsed edges, and kilns are found, the wind should be stopped immediately, and the workshop guide and the factory guide in charge of production should be reported in time, and the guide can only be dealt with on the spot.

5. Look at the fire worker and take over the shift 10 minutes in advance. Understand the calcination situation in the kiln and the operation of the equipment. It is not allowed to wear slippers on the red back at work, and it is strictly forbidden to visit, leave the post, sleep on the post and do private work.

6. It depends on the unity of the pyrotechnic operation method, and the high-temperature and high-yield sintered high-standard sintered materials. The loss of sintered materials is controlled within 0.8, and the free calcium oxide is within 3%.

7. It is required to see the operation method of the pyrotechnic pressing the edge fire and raising the middle fire. It is not allowed to have wind eyes in the middle and two ribs. Strictly control the phenomenon of wind eyes running on the kiln surface. It is required that there is a flame in the center, and the material pipe below is running., so that there is enough air volume in the kiln to calcinate.

In the production process of energy-saving and environmentally friendly lime kilns, all construction personnel must be trained to let them understand the importance of operating the construction process. Operation is the premise of producing more and better product pairs.

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