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How to make environmental protection lime kiln ash discharge more efficient


The efficiency of environmental protection lime kiln ash discharge is related to the improvement of production efficiency and the realization of environmental protection purposes. Then, how can we make it more efficient? You can take a look:

The ash discharge of the kiln is uniform without stopping the wind to maintain good furnace conditions. The ash discharge of the kiln adopts an ash discharge mechanism composed of a disc ash discharge machine and a two-stage sealing valve. The disc ash discharge machine can ensure that the fired ash blocks are not crushed and broken. In the case of complete discharge and fall into two-stage sealing valves.

The two baffles of the two-stage sealing valve work alternately, which can not only discharge the ash block evenly, but also ensure that the combustion-supporting air does not leak and the continuous blast. This not only ensures the stable distribution of the air flow in the furnace, but also ensures the continuous temperature of the calcination belt, so that the fired lime has high quality and high output.

The improved ash discharge system not only has high ash discharge efficiency but also fully burns the furnace, making the quality and quality of lime higher.

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