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Environmentally friendly lime kiln and lime kiln equipment manufacturers tell you the lime kiln treatment plan

Introduction to the device

The lime kiln black smoke dust removal and carbon black recovery device relates to an ancient (that is, traditional) lime kiln smoke removal and dust removal and carbon black recovery method, especially the ancient lime kiln smoke removal and dust removal and carbon black recovery method used for comprehensive utilization of environmental protection. The method overcomes the weaknesses of ancient lime kilns with large fuel consumption and environmental pollution, and develops the advantages of good product quality, energy saving, time saving, efficiency enhancement, turning waste into treasure, and small investment = wet dust removal is dry dust removal, which saves water and electricity more than wet dust removal, and has no secondary pollution.

The method has a simple and compact process structure, is easy to manufacture and use, has a wide range of applications, and achieves comprehensive utilization, protects the environment, and obtains good economic, environmental and social benefits. After the equipment is installed, after user practice, the concentration of soot emission has been reduced from Lingman level 5 to below level 1, and the carbon black 18 that can be recovered and reduced to the atmosphere every year has been reduced from 7-8 days to 4-5 days. According to the annual production efficiency of 25%, the coal saving of 531.271 tons/year can increase by 133,888 yuan. At present, carbon black is a national shortage of materials, and the market price is about 2,000 yuan/ton.

Process plan:

In the upper part of the earth-fired lime kiln, a flue gas collection hood is designed according to the size of the feeding port, and the flue gas is sent to the dust collector by pipeline. After dust removal, the carbon black exceeding 5 mm is collected, and then the carbon black below 5 mm is removed by secondary dust removal. It is collected and sold separately. The dust-removed flue gas fully meets the national emission standard. What is discharged is the purified carbon dioxide, which can be recycled and reacted with light calcium oxide formed by calcium oxide dissolved in water to generate a new product---light calcium carbonate. The flue gas is utilized to achieve zero emissions.

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